Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night 41

The Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem Open Mic Night in café Lokaal had a great line up. Harm Rieske & Anne Rosenberg opened the evening and they make you want to listen. Serious songs with lots of humor keep your captivated. Florentien Mol finally had a Tuesday evening off and spend it having her beautiful voice heard.

You can’t hide behind a wall of sound and shout as hard as possible when you are on your own. Jurriaan Kurpershoek gave this singer songwriter thing a try last Open Mic and promised to be back. He returned and did another two songs. He raised the bar for himself by promising to have a brand new song next month.

Left Lynx hooked up with singer Zora Nova. That worked out great. Zora Nova has a powerful voice which is very pleasant to listen too. Thomas Triemstra is well on it’s way to form a band. He teamed up with singer Elise and they did a set with each other’s songs.

The last team to shine was Kim Nanninga and Lucas Rens. Playing both separate and together at Lokaal for the last time before they both start a study abroad.

Rob Alphenaar took care of sound and light while Jasper Schalks presented the night.

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