Street Art

Teleport Hotel Amsterdam, Edition 4

The Teleport Hotel in Amsterdam was the place to be on december 3, 2017. For the fourth time rooms were kept free of guests and artists took their place to redecorate the walls. Angst brought a giant stencil. Bird choose flowers instead of a political statement to wake-up future guests. Davor Smoljan was in charge of the stencil workshop. Educating the kids and letting the adults experience the skills they left on the street is still in their DNA. Davy Davidson brought an ode to Joop Klepzeiker and his dog. Djim Pijnappel had a dream and Frankie started the day with an idea… which worked out great! In the weeks leading to the event Juice already redecorated the central staircase and in his room the picture is integrated with the frame. No, Marc Art didn’t just put up a photo of a woman.  Pinwin had a marked with copper flavoured ‘Van Dijck brown‘. It was dark brown with a shiny effect and a warm glow. He created a giant drawing including all walls of his room. Smok made sure his grid was perfectly setup. He made creating a heron look easy…

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.