Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night XXV

The twenty-fifth edition of the Open Mic Night organised by Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem was a special one. Before 20:00 artists were already added to the waiting list!

Thomas Triemstra opened the evening with a few of old songs and a cover. Ellis Freijser took over and shared her source of inspiration…  wine. Hopefully that is not making her more restless and doesn’t lead to troubled relationships.

Paul Baarn expected to have an anonymous evening. He had mentioned to a few fans he would be playing in Lokaal. The fanclub showed up in full force! That didn’t keep him from sharing his soulful pop songs in Dutch. Blending pleasant music and good lyrics he turned his set into a success. For Ayonne it is not easy to talk about life. That is a not problem at all as she can sing about it!

Bauwien Ubbens shared three, the limit for this night, small good songs. P!en took us all to her jazzy nightclub named Lokaal. Juliette van Dijk just wanted to cover a song by Eefje de Visser. She invited Daan Arisz support her. To finish her set she did an old farmers song on request.

Dutch Cassidy is not the man to do covers. This evening was an exception. The first song he left the singing to uncle Gino. On the second Sandra Diemel supported him and the third song he was on his own. Rob Wtenweerde shared a song he translated to Dutch some time ago. His hilarious and recognizable song about that time of the month went down well with the dominantly female audience.

Peter Bouman had great song about not wanting to go to bed at 20:30. The pun was in the end when he disclosed one of his students wrote the song. The student is already nine years old. Jasper Schalks was not only hosting the event he also shared a few brand new titleless songs!

A big shout out goes to Rob Alphenaar who opened his bar, filled the glasses, advised about beer and engineered sound at the same time.

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