Street Art

Graffiti Jam – Bospoort – Ede

The Bospoort in Ede ends in a bicycle tunnel. This tunnel contains graffiti, see previous post, but it was time to refresh it. The local goverment gave permission and an event was planned. In a single days artists and  crews from The Netherlands claimed a piece of the 140 available meters to redecorate:

Trendkill Stencils    Simian Switch   Serge KB   Lotar   Combo

Jongeman. Asia, Show4, Awsum   SAPO    IVES.ONE    Mike Scholten

Straatkapers   The Combi Killers ( CAER, NINA, SPERM)    Geluk

Adieu    WIRAZ    Jan Rap   MOSHE    PINWIN

Nina Paintina   MURK   LPK crew  SEHR   SILAK

It was awesome to see so many different styles of graffiti being made in a single day. I learned a few things. Like stenciling takes a lot of time and it’s better to wear a mask when visiting a graffiti jam in a closed space.

Please enjoy the photo’s which give an overview of many of the pieces. I have to go back to make good photo’s of the final result and credit each piece to it’s maker.

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.