Pro-Life, -Choice, -Test

On the border of the towns Haarlem and Heemstede is an abortion clinic. Abortion is legal in the Netherlands as long as you stick two laws. That doesn’t mean everybody is a fan of abortion.

Even during pandemic times protests are allowed. You need to apply for a permit, but as protests are important getting one is not an issue depending on how many people are expected and if they can keep distance. The major of the town makes this decision. The major of Heemstede didn’t allow the German Catholic pro-life organisation Donum Domini to protest as they do every month. The major of Haarlem didn’t follow his colleagues example and allowed it.

To prevent the pro-life organisation to spread their view a three day pro-choice counterprotest was organised. This is just as long as the four member of the pro-life team planned to protest. Each team was assigned their own section of the street and they couldn’t see each other. I don’t have a photo of the pro-life protestors as they only protest half days and left.

Hopefully the city council can convince the major to never ever allow this type of protest next to an abortion clinic.

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