Festival Music

Parksessies #2 20-july-2016

Parksessies is a free celebration of performing art in Haarlem. It is held on four summer wednesdayevenings and host anything from band to dance and from installations to spoken word.

The second session was great and it started with Steye Felix who brought his DJ and a dancer. To open at six o’clock ain’t easy. The crowd is still arriving, needs to eat and drink, but that did keep him to show what he’s made of.

Lettertypes is a new platform for wordart in the broadest way possible. Tonight was their first step into the world. They had three session throughout the evening. First up was Justin Samgar with poetry. The second performer was Kay Slice, who is also part of Brandwerk, with rap and spoken word. Last but not least Fabian Franciscus took the stage for comedy.

Parksessies manages to program good storytellers. This time is was up to Marius Bruijn, Matthijs Tuijn and Doralice Covelli to take us back to the early eight century and the wars between the Friezen and Franks. Princes Theudesinde, daughter of king Radboud, played a key role to bring peace.

De Nachtdienst, the nightshift, is a groovy jazz/hiphop formation and they are great fun to watch.

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